What is "Answer The Public"?

Can you get it for FREE?

What is "Answer The Public"?
Can you get it for FREE?

“Answer The Public” is a research tool that helps you not only to understand what people are searching for online, but also understand what they mean.

It's useful for both SEO and marketing purposes as it can help you come up with the right answers to what people are actually asking for.

How does “Answer The Public” work?

“Answer The Public” monitors search engines' autocomplete data and quickly generates every question or phrase that people are searching for around your keyword.

This is a great source of consumer insight that you can use for creating new, highly-utilized content, products, and services.

Is “Answer The Public” a free tool?

“Answer The Public” isn’t free, it limits non paying users to only 2 free queries per day.

"Answer The Public" is considered to be very pricy. From $99/month or $948/year, up to $199/month or $2,388/year. (see the table below for details)

Are there free alternatives to “Answer The Public”?

Not only is there a free alternative to “Answer The Public”, the free "Answer The Public" alternative gives much more than the paid version of “Answer The Public”.

“What People Ask”, the best "Answer The Public" alternative gives everything there is in “Answer The Public” for free, and even more: more results, and unlimited free searches. You can always purchase the Professional edition of “What People Ask” which also gives you real time search statistics from Google.

Check this comparison between “Answer The Public” and “What People Ask”:

What People Ask
What People Ask
Answer The Public
Daily queries Unlimited Unlimited 2
Max results per question term 1,000 1,000 10
Monthly search statistics
Monthly payments Free
Lifetime deal (one payment) Free
Price range Free $79 - $149 One Payment for Lifetime Access $99 - $199 every month
$948 - $2,388 every year
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